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EZRoller Power Appliance (Ready to use)- 10-30KWH

EZRoller Power Appliance (Ready to use)- 10-30KWH

$11,283.00 Regular Price
$9,590.55Sale Price

This is a fully factory pre-assembled and ready to use system. If you have ever bought a refrigerator, washer, or dryer you can as easily choose the right size EZRoller power appliance, plug in and use. No technical or special skills required.

Estimated Delivery 4-8 weeks

    • No technical confusions or complicated wiring & programming like existing inverter and battery systems.
    • System delivered pre-packaged, pre-programmed, and ready to use.
    • Anyone can plug it in like a common household appliance and use it.
    • Off-Grid, On-grid and complies with UL1741 standards and requirements.
    • Batteries can be charged by solar, grid power or generator.
    • System can be easily rolled into your home, apartment, farm, ranch, RV or anywhere easily.
    • The system can start AC systems up to 3 tons or externals pumps and devices up to 80 LRA.
    • Customize from 5 to 40KWh of back per system.
    • Systems can be parallel to deliver up to 1,200KWh / 1,500A of power.
    • EZRoller is truly your source of power anywhere, anytime.

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