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Our Core Team

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Chief Executive Officer

Claudio Patini has been a sales, marketing, service and operations executive for over 35 years with experience across three continents, including the Americas, Europe and Australia, serving retail, automotive and energy industries.

By the early 2000's, digital and mobile communication and commerce were in full bloom. By the time of the emergence of electric cars in the late 2000's, Claudio foresaw the rapid rise in electrical energy usage and the changes that it may bring to physical mobility and ways that people may decide to live their lives.


With this vision, Claudio focused his attention on the renewable energy industry and more importantly the power storage needs which would ensue. Since 2010, he has dedicated his time and energy to bridge the industry gaps between technologists, suppliers, manufacturers and regulators with focus on ultimately serving the end user's energy needs providing the "Mobility & Flexibility" needed to "live and work" as they wish.

Chief Finance Officer

Erni Sudjono is an international finance graduate and for over 20 years has served as CFO, Finance VP, Controller VP and financial & product analyst at Ernst & Young, DynaPlask, TBK manufacturing, BMT mining company, Marche and MOKKA International. Since 2010, Erni has been raising and distributing the needed finances to support the company's steadily expanding international partnerships.

Business Development

Semer Sadjadi is a business, environmental science and engineering graduate who has been serving the microelectronics business and technology industry for over 30 years, patented over 100 inventions in the US and has introduced many innovative and inflective products enabling the industry and its companies to excel. 


Semer's passion is to envision, and implement environmentally synergistic products, strategies and tools to advance his cause of "Abundant and Clean Energy for All" as he likes to put it.


With such a lofty vision, he humbly understands that all leaps start with baby steps and that we are just baby stepping to harness clean energies. Also, he understands that ultimately it is the end users who will decide if a vision is the right one for a given time and decide what the speed and direction of progress should be. 

With this belief and leveraging his business and technology experience and education, Semer at RytEnergy is dedicated to merge the realities of end user needs, requirements and desires with RytEnergy's vision to continue and further enable products, tools and services that can provide sustainable and economical "Abundant and Clean Energy to All". 

Community Relations

Ryan Sadjadi is recognized for dedicating his knowledge, energy and time to promote and make possible happier, healthier and cleaner communities. As a Barry Goldwater Scholarship recipient, EUREKA Research Scholarship winner, Science Representative to Congress, member of a 501(c)3 non-profit community outreach organization, award winning researcher, author and Cambridge (UK) graduate. Ryan has always been co-mingling his aspirations with community service and he is the bridge between RytEnergy and the communities it serves.

Our Vision & Missions

Our Vision

Enable unparalleled living and working "Mobility & Flexibility” by making Energy accessible to "Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime"

Our Missions

  • Provide the most reliable, safe and cost effective ENERGY STORAGE SOLUTIONS

  • Provide "Custom" solutions to serve our clients' unique Needs and requirements

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